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Homeschooling And College

Homeschooling and college

As children grow out of their little underpants and are ready to begin their teens, prevalent parents wonder if they should draw out with the homeschooling program. They fear that colleges may not give equal opportunities to a child educated at home.

Numberless fears of this kind were put to rest when 2 homeschooled boys got admission into Harvard. Harvard does not require a high school diploma for gaining admission to their degree program. Many colleges are besides interested in the knowledge and behavior of the homeschooled children rather than their high school diplomas. In fact, other things being similar many colleges prefer homeschoolers because of the diversity and richness they bring to their college life.

Admission requirements may vary. Pace some colleges require the child to appear for the SAT, others may need a general equivalency diploma. And some may not care for any tests at unitary. The criterion may vary depending on the college that you want to apply to. But, college courses really do not require any high school background or characteristic training.

It is common to come across parents who frantically try to shift out their homeschool family to high schools because they fear unavailability of college admissions. But college admissions are open to all educated individuals, regardless of whether they are cultivated at inland or at a public school.




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